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Rant Of The Moment

Thursday, August 16, 2001


Pregnant ripe sweltering day in what transitory beauty lay.
Night like justice, love is blind
Sly thief of beauty, naught but time, withers flowers from the vine.
Tommorows irreverent paean to youthfull folly of today
Innocence cares not for shrouds, sees the pretty shapes in clouds way too dirty much too loud and precious in it's clumsy way
Barefoot on the summer grass, is not afraid of broken glass, can't wait for time to start to pass, impatient for the day. has yet to dream of lost repast, caught up in youthfull sway.
And when the iris clouds with grey, time curls the edges yellows,nay, bruises beauty, cruel and swift and goes along it's merry way
In seasons of harsh retrospect, no need for wisdom, curse weak flesh. don the garb of hags and ogres longing for the day
With mortal vessels tossed aside, the spirit swells and time subsides and one has the chance to finally utter "Thank you for the pleasant stay."

Michael Forkan Thursday, August 16, 2001

Tuesday, August 14, 2001

Who's stalking who?

We're posing in baby's bidet today
Honeymoon sink in the bus terminal
Baghead full of razor shards
and a stolen wallet full of credit cards
She knows that you're a lazy stalker
From a stationary cold meat locker
Just get in your Chrysler and drive away
Get in your car and drive away
Go no raising Cain
Choose your daily pain
wrong side of insane
I dont care anymore
There's an incident number

Michael Forkan Tuesday, August 14, 2001

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