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Rant Of The Moment

Wednesday, September 26, 2001

Cold Sweat Shop

Whim-cycle dream boy kitten-eggs
Plant my ass into something staid
ride the sickness one more wave
take me out to my happy grave
Tower of babble, box of rain
It's always midnight inside my brain
I keep my nightmares to myself
Closets full, every shelf
Whoa, momma your boy is sick
They're beating him ugly with prison sticks
Why does it do this?
What the fuck is it after?
I keep trying to skip this chapter
Feeling the claws in my neck
Shake sweating through the oldies
Waking up is the worst
waking up in Satan's hearse
Who took out the display adaptors
Satan's stuck me in her purse
Samuel Clemens, delerium tremons
Who's this vomit in my shoe
Come on baby monkey, please get better
Don't cramp, sick puppy, try to get better

Michael Forkan Wednesday, September 26, 2001

Big Mean Willie

Big mean Willie went down to hell
he fucked the Devil and his wife, as well
the neighbors kids and all thier dogs
he used thier bones as Lincoln logs
built himself a little dais
preached the gospel of fucking crazed
shouted like Mercury at the sky
fuck you God
you're bound to die
then he fucked the mother fucking ground
so that everyone could hear the sound
of his giant mother fucking dick
big mean Willie was plain mean sick
then he looked up at God and said, "Fuck You too, you sick ass sod
If I can find myself a fucking ladder
I'll fuck you too, in your God ass attic."
but big mean Willie was doomed to failure
he was raised in ma's big trailer
that didn't deter him none
big mean Willie had big ass fun

Michael Forkan Wednesday, September 26, 2001

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