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Rant Of The Moment

Tuesday, December 11, 2001

You can apologize any time you'd like-that's why I leave the ringer off

Everything-- nothing-- I want to roll out the window
Why don't you just talk to me after I hit the ground
Someone--anyone--is there a soul that's listening
In the vacous tomblike graveyard full of sound
All that pretty poetry makes me want to kill people and break shit
Start twirling barbed wire all the fuck around
My super power is disappearing
I'm Captain Elsewhere
I'll just see you around

Michael Forkan Tuesday, December 11, 2001

Get on the boat

Your'e not a slut, your'e just expensive
Unrequited hanging pensive
Is the damage so extensive that all hope's beyond repair
Wrote a letter, sent a missal
Mother message of epistles
I'll try to choke you with the gristle
If your soul is even there
So I've got a little spillage
A little soul to rape and pillage
My crusader in the village bears a cross through your parade
Voo-doo shop full of stories
Tales of love, pain and glory
Why am I your wealthy beggar standing in the rain

You're a slut and you're expensive
You cost a lot--just today
Now I'm the quiet ghost in the corner
The apparation without a thing to say
I launched a missle, a thousand letters
Sent a message by the homicide brigade
A silver cup full of wine and poisin
A scarlet letter, a sword of silver blade

Just get on the boat, I know you're borderline
Get on the boat and let the wind blow through your hair
Just get on the boat, you can order mine
Get on the boat, let the river take your care

Michael Forkan Tuesday, December 11, 2001

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