Joe Forkan
Molly Holzschlag
Stu Kupers
Deacon Central

Independents Day

Dance With the Stranger

Your Mama had your daddy, and Hitler had Eva Braun
Romeo had Juliet, but that's a whole 'nother kind of song
Sigmund had his cocaine, and Marilyn had her itch
When you make up your mind you're going to do it for money
Well you know we're gonna both be rich
If you're a deviate get on the floor

And dance with the stranger
Dance with the stranger

Yes I'm going to tease you till you beg me for my sting
While you're at my mercy I might do anything
Candle wax nipple clips and ben-wa balls for you, baby
I got some whips and cycle chains that'll come in handy too, I'd like to see you get down on all fours and . . .

Dance with the stranger
Dance with the stranger

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